--06 April 2005--
by Cyberion

The new section has been added to the site. The section's name is "3D MODELS PROGRESS" and it could be found under the Progress menu tab. Also the Progress file itself has been split into two parts. Everything that relates to the 3D Models and its progress can be found in that new section. Other tasks remained in the original progress file untouched. We did that split because the list of models that needs to be done is so huge that it requared to be seperated. Just imagine all WC ship models, all. Starting from WC1 Era and finishing with WCP Era. All the models are going to be of a high quality and almost 100% similarity. Before being added to the project, the finished models will have to pass quality assurance, which will examine the quality of the model, and the correspondance to the original. Right now the main modelers for the WCU are BradMick and Cyberion. Although any help is appreciated. If you would like to contribute and model a ship or two or three, etc. we will be glad. You may contact us on the forums. See the link in the LINKS section.


--01 April 2005--
by Cyberion

Well, we got hosting at solsector ( This will let us to be more close to the WC community and do the wrok more efficient.
Some parts of the site have been updated. Also soon we are planning on integrating the Progress of the project into the website, so you won't have to download that Excel file everytime you want to see the status. Also we are planning on adding the developer docs tot he site, so you may read about the way this project is going to be developed. So people stay tuned!


--31 March 2005--
by Cyberion

Finished the download and screenshots section. Now you may download the WCU files and play it. Do not forget that WCU is not finished yet, we just allow you to play the game and beta test it. WCU is far from the final 1.0 version, so do not be hursh in judging the work. Also made some site modifications.


--30 March 2005--
by Cyberion

Well today is a day, when WC:U site begins its work. Now we have online representation and welcome you all here. By visiting this site you may get the most recent and up to date information about Wing Commander:Universe game. You may track down the progress of the project, take a look at the screenshots and get updates for the game. We wish you the best luck! w00t :D

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